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Garage Sale Fundraiser
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Garage Sale for Mark WilliamsEvent Details:

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June 7th
9:00am - 6:00pm

June 8th
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3721 NW Front Avenue
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Donate your unwanted items to the garage sale to support Mark.

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On November 13, the day that Mark was to return to the Oregon Convention Center in his previous position as Director of Event Services, he ended up in the hospital with the same symptoms he had three years prior. This time, he did not get better. After numerous days in ICU and countless tests, the doctors at OHSU diagnosed Mark with liver failure. Instead of continuing tests to try and determine "why", tests were done to determine if Mark is a candidate for a transplant. Those tests were finally completed last week and Mark is set to be placed on the list.

In the meantime, Mark has lost over 25 pounds and is unable to work. He is extremely weak and had to resign his position at OCC and is now awaiting disability income. That process can take several months.

If you know Mark, he is one of the most caring, giving, nice, polite, understanding, and talented persons you will ever meet. Things like this should never happen to such great people. Mark is staying positive and is so thankful for his friends, their prayers and positive thoughts. He has always been the one to lend a helping hand, so allowing others to help him is a huge step for Mark. Mark's expenses are mounting and he needs our help.

He is the main supporter of his family that includes his wife Liz, his oldest daughter Marshawna (22) who recently graduated from U of P, was the 2008 Rose Festival Queen and is currently working for Black United Fund. His his middle daughter Shaela (18) is a Senior at Cleveland and looking forward to college (although Mark cannot co-sign on a student loan since he's not working). Shaela volunteers for the Sierra Service Project, NE Food Bank and Providence Hospital. His youngest, Ashlee (16) is a junior at Cleveland and also volunteers for the Sierra Service Project as well as others. As you can see, he has a wonderful loving family.

Those of us who love Mark don't want him to worry about mounting expenses during this time when he needs to rest and wait for his new liver.